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Where will the assessment take place?


A diagnostic assessment can take up to a maximum of four hours to complete, depending on the circumstances. The assessor will chat with the student before and after the assessment but no feedback about the results or diagnosis will be given immediately after the assessment as the tutor will need to calculate the scores and analyse the overall performance.

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How long does an assessment take?


Anyone over the age of 6 can be assessed if desired, but it is preferable to opt for a dyslexia screening test for children under 7.  

Who can be assessed?
How much does it cost?
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The diagnostic assessment will be followed by an in-depth report, typically over 20 pages.


This report will provide evidence of the individual’s dyslexic profile (if the individual has been confirmed as having dyslexia), and will include detailed recommendations about how to support the individual in the context of their study and/or day-to-day life.

What happens after an assessment?

Given the length of the assessment it may be helpful to provide the young person with a drink and a snack. If the assessor notices that the young person is getting tired they will facilitate appropriate breaks. It may be helpful to bring a few samples of the child’s work and/or school reports but otherwise, all equipment will be provided.

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Do I need to bring anything?


The assessment will take place at the assessor ’s premises so please leave an emergency mobile number. The assessor is fully qualified and has enhanced DBS clearance to work with individuals from her own premises. Evidence of this and all qualifications will be shown.

Diagnostic Assessments cost £495.00 which is payable in advance. 

Screening Tests cost £100 which is payable in advance.