Diagnostic Assessment


A diagnostic assessment is intended to confirm whether an individual has dyslexia or not. It provides a confirmed diagnosis of dyslexia, as well as a clearer picture of the young person’s strengths and weaknesses and their individual cognitive profile.

Up-to-date tests are used which explore aspects of underlying ability, reading, writing and spelling, handwriting and fine motor skills, underlying learning skills such as phonological awareness, speed of processing and memory, speech and language and auditory processing.



The aim of the assessment is:

  • To assess performance on a range of items to consider strengths and weaknesses.

  • To collect information about reading, spelling and writing skills.

  • To identify whether there is a discrepancy between general level of ability and reading and writing attainment.

  • To consider other factors which may be affecting learning. 

  • To identify whether any reasonable adjustments will need to be made for a young person to fully access the curriculum and its assessment.