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"When I am reading, occasionally a passage will get all jumbled up, but when it happens I have to read and re-read the passage over again".

"I know what I want to say, but I can never find the right words".

"I have the right ideas,

but I can’t get them down

on paper".

"Sometimes when I am being told what to do, the words I hear get all jumbled up in my mind and I just can’t take in what is being said to me".

"In general conversation with family and friends, they usually accept that I tend to ramble, forget and repeat…. because that’s part of me".

What people with DYSLEXIA want YOU to know.

"We need to work in a different way, not a harder way".
"I need you to speak
more slowly when giving instructions".
"We are not lazy. Having Dyslexia
means you have to work harder and
never quit. It may just take us longer
and we will have lots of questions but
when we get it, we don't forget it".
"Learning to read when you have Dyslexia is like hitting a brick wall over and over.
We need you to help us go round the wall, 
not through it".
"Being Dyslexic doesn't
mean we aren't really smart".
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