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Student Comments
Parent Comments

"I never used to get Roman Numerals, fractions or long multiplication but then you started tutoring me.  Now I get it!!"

- E.M.  Aged 11  Chelmsford


“Thank you for helping me.  I love the work we do. It's really helping me in school.  I feel more confident too.”

— S.B. Aged 6 Chelmsford


“I like that you give me time to sort stuff out and find my own hiccups and put them right. I use the metacards at school.  My friends are jealous."


— A.M. Aged 9 Chelmsford 


“I was really nervous about coming for my assessment but I needn't have been. You made me feel more relaxed and the feedback you gave was really helpful. Thank you again."

— S.D. Aged 16 Chelmsford


“Had a message from E's teacher! She won an award for the child who has made most academic progress! You have got to take some credit for this!”

-Mrs J.B. Chelmsford

J has been doing amazingly well with his spellings at school, he seems to be making great progress. I have no doubt that this is largely due to your help!"

-Mr A.C.  Chelmsford


"You were very easy to talk to about my concerns about my daughter. The depth you went in to was so helpful and the time you took to do the report was outstanding with all the steps I need to follow the report. Well recommended."

— Mr M.O.  Doncaster

“My daughter absolutely loves the lessons.  She's always asking when she can see you again. Thank you so much."


— Miss L.M. Chelmsford

“Thank you for explaining everything in an accessible, easy to understand way."

— Mrs E.J. Chelmsford

"Just to let you know, my son had a really good report.  They said his reading has improved a lot and he's writing so much more. He has developed a good resilience when things don't go to plan with his spelling.  They put it down to your tuition.  Fantastic to hear this, thank you!"

- Mrs L.P. Chelmsford




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